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University of Derby
Derby, UK

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico


For sales, commission and exhibition enquiries, please contact me at:

For samples and information regarding my commercial work, including illustration, film and animation, please visit:


I’m a photographic artist with a multi-disciplinary background currently based in the UK. My practice involves collecting large amounts of visual information from seemingly random locations and situations. These snapshots are taken quickly and with technology I have to hand — most commonly, a phone camera. I then look to find common threads within this disparate material and use those discovered connections to form large-scale intricate narrative landscapes.

Leave to Remain is an ongoing series narrating a journey littered by mistakes, wrong turns and dead ends. Each individual scene is comprised of snapshots, usually captured hastily and with the technology on hand – a phone camera. These seemingly disparate objects, locations and elements are woven together to illustrate moments of frustration and isolation. Each constructed moment queries the notions of what success is, what failure entails, and explores the fleeting societal construct of ‘national identity’.

However, it’s not all darkness and gloom. Although the protagonist in this journey has grown all too accustomed to a life lost along this meandering path, he is able to adapt his unfamiliar surroundings to provide immediate comfort and convenience – albeit using the same thought processes that likely led to him getting lost in the first place. Long-term survival is not a consideration.

Leave to Remain is a series of work that explores being lost, but it also serves as a poorly-informed guide to making the most of a bad situation.